Draggin the Hose

30 Jun

For those of us who use oxygen at home we have a concentrator located in some out of the way place. This concentrator is our source of extra oxygen, and the oxygen moves from the concentrator via an air hose to the cannula (the end that goes into your nose). In my home (a Florida one level) I have 87 feet of air hose running around the house.  This allows me to go pretty much anyplace I want to go around the house, into the swimming pool, and half way down the drive way. I drag the hose behind me, but clearly I am tethered to the concentrator. Now for the fun part, my air hose is in sections, and between each section is a connector, well this connector sometimes gets caught on the leg of a piece of furniture, or under a carpet runner, and sometimes in a door jam. Imagine my surprise when I am walking thru the house and suddenly my head is jerked in a different direction because I wasn’t expecting to run out of hose. It is comical; there is no other way to explain it. I look like the coyote being pounded by some ACME product in a Roadrunner cartoon. This is just another part of the process of living with COPD, it comes with the territory.

Friends and visitors to our home quickly become adept at not stepping on the hose, except with I piss them off, then they fight to put a crimp in it LOL. Apparently I can piss folks off LOL, it is a constant joke having someone grab the hose and crimp it. BTW these are non-collapsible hoses and even when crimped the oxygen still flows, so it truly isn’t a big deal, it is the joke it is meant to be.

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Posted by on June 30, 2012 in Observations


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