How I feel today 7/19/12

19 Jul

It has been a week since the IV was removed and the drugs I was taking to fight the pneumonia significantly reduced. I had expected to backslide a bit as my body adjusted, and I think I am correct.  Both my Lung and my Infectious Disease Doctors feel that I should have a Medi Port for future use.  I am okay with this, and have started the necessary paper work.  (getting an appointment, filling out the 8 page questionnaire provided by the surgeon that would put the port in, and preparing my head). At least with a Medi Port I will be allowed in the pool and to shower without a plastic bag taped to my arm.  Hell that alone would make it worthwhile. My lung Doctor addressed the issue of pushing the level of my oxygen from 2.5 to 3, if my shortness of breath does not improve.  He didn’t say to make this change, but suggested it for times when I seemed to be sucking wind more than usual. Having said all that, I feel about a 3 – 3.5 today. It has not been an overly stressful day, if anything almost relaxing. I have a bit of a cough that just refuses to go away, a little tired, the continued extreme shortness of breath, but overall I still feel better than I have in weeks.

A reoccurring theme with the folks I come in contact with regarding COPD and how they deal with their COPD is similar with my experiences.  It seems to a one, whenever they go into the hospital, that when they leave the hospital they aren’t quite the same.  Their health declines a bit, the symptoms of COPD a bit stronger, their lungs a bit weaker.  Another common theme is that they are surrounded by folks that don’t understand how a person that looks so healthy can be so sick, or how a person that appears to be fine, has such dramatic issues.  This topic will be revisited.

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