How I feel today 7/23/12

23 Jul

I feel about 3.5 today, I started off slow, and then gathered some strength as the day progressed.  Or maybe I just faked myself into thinking I gathered strength, either way I still feel about 3.5.

I had a rough night last night, coughing my head off for the 30 minutes after I laid down.  It am clearly more comfortable when I sit upright, or at least when my lungs are at a 45 degree angle to my hips.  But when I lay down, or shift the angle too much, that seems that stir any mucus up (and there is always a lot of that in my lungs) which causes me to cough and cough and cough.  Also anytime my nose is clogged at all, and that drippy thing happens, I cough my fool head off.  Damn I bet your saying okay enough enough already, TMI TMI, LOL LOL.  Well it is about me, and that’s what is going on in my head now.  So anyway moving on, after a shower and breakfast, I started my chores.  Another gauge I use to determine how well I am (on a particular day) is my ability to do whatever chores I have assigned myself, as well as, those that my wife may have asked me to do.  I managed to get thru the chores okay, had some gasping moments after walking just a little bit, which caused me to slow down and catch my breath.  But I got thru those moments.  I was alert enough to beat my very good friend 3 out of 4 at cribbage, so that made for a good day as well.

Clearly, for those that have read my prior posts, or read them after seeing this, I am a little more chipper today, giving myself a 3.5.  Some of you might go so far and say, hell he shouldn’t be feeling any better than a 3 today, given his past experience.  Well clearly (clearly seems to be my favorite word today) dealing with COPD is sometimes as much about attitude as it actually feeling well.  Today has been a good attitude day, therefore I feel better, not great, not outstanding, but better, and better is good.  Sometimes I can’t get there, today I got to that good place with little trouble.

In an effort to try to feel good everyday, I recently joined a “discussion group.” This is a group of folks that deal on a day-to-day basis with COPD and  emphysema.  It has been a wonderful experience encountering the group.  My original plan was just to find a place to talk about my blog, to get folks to read my blog, and to gain knowledge and insight into this disease via my blog.  But I have found so much.  The group consists of about 20 or so active folks, that will offer up discussion points, insights, articles, medical findings, and any other COPD related items to the group.  This alone is worth the price of admission.  But even more important is that these folks share, they speak of their pains, their joys, the emotions that surround their daily lives.  They speak of or ask questions about how or when to tell family, they ask for input into these decisions, and they welcome input from anyone willing to take the time and make the effort. Many in the group talk about their world beyond COPD.  They hint of the relationships and the impact the disease has on that aspect of their lives.  I am truly fortunate to have dumbed my way into the group, and even more fortunate that the group has accepted me.  I have posted on other folks discussion points so far, and I don’t believe a day has gone by when I hadn’t made a comment.  But so far other than talking about my blog and offering it up, I haven’t added a discussion point.  But I am working my way towards it.  Here is a link to it in Daily Strength, if your curious.


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2 responses to “How I feel today 7/23/12

  1. Wanda

    July 24, 2012 at 4:22 am

    Bill, I’m glad you found this discussion group. Online forums are a great way to find people with similar interests and concerns, and I know, between your wit and your no-nonsense way of dealing with COPD, you will soon be the life of the party, i.e., a valuable part of the group.

  2. neelkanth

    August 12, 2012 at 12:27 am

    So nice a post. I have also gone through your ‘Daily Strenth’. which is so meaningful.

    Thanks for your ‘Like’ on my blog post. I have done the same on yours. Highly impressed with your style of writing, I am also following your blog with immediate effect.


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