The Service Call ……

07 Aug

The Service Call …..

At 2:37pm on Saturday August 4, 2012, we lost cable communications service, well actually it was our FIOS service which included cable, internet and dial tone.  This is the 1st time in over 10 years that I was home with all means of entertainment (well, almost all) and communications removed from the grasp of my fingers.  I know the precise time because when I lost service I was looking at the clock below the television. 2:37pm … flash flash, no signal, flash flash, no signal.  Immediately I turn the TV off then on, (turning computer things off and on always solves the problem?!) still no service, next I stared at the modem/server and noticed I had no connection light.  Of course I turned the modem/server off for the required 30 seconds (again because this always solves a problem with computer things), while in the background the TV is still flashing no signal no signal.  I then immediately reached for the telephone to call my service provider, but alas, no dial tone. It was at this point I realized the depth of trouble I was in.  It must have taken all of a minute for me to realize my cellphone was in the car in the garage, to which I immediately raced, and then called the service provider. My call was answered immediately, by a computer, oh surprise, after entering my account number, my telephone number, and opting for option 1, I was advised that due to heavy call volume I would have to wait a long time, but that my call would be answered in turn.  After only 8 minutes my call was answered by Dawn, who immediately wanted to know my account number and telephone number, my address, and 1st born which I gladly gave her.

Dawn and I commenced to doing all the required tests to determine if I had service or not, it was amazing, I failed each test.  Finally Dawn determined that my house wasn’t getting a signal and that the FIOS unit at my home was not communicating with the computer/network at her end.  At this point I noticed a truck parked at my neighbors, it had ladders and all manner of outdoor stuff on the roof rack and there on the sidewalk was a small pile of dirt.  I smelled a problem, right there on the sidewalk.  Carrying my cell phone I walked next door to my neighbor’s home and pounded (actually knocked loudly) on his door, once he answered, I asked if he was having work done in his yard or cable, to which he knotted his head. I inquired if I could talk to the “service tech,” my neighbor said sure.  I pointed out the problem I was having in my home when I addressed the “service tech,” after giving me a prolonged blank stare he admitted thinking he may have cut my line.  But immediately advised it wasn’t his fault because the line had been put in the wrong spot (by my service provider). He when on to say that while he was sorry, he wasn’t qualified to fix the fiber cable, besides again because my provider put the FIOS cable in the wrong place he wasn’t required to fix it at all, so tuff!

Dawn (my service provider rep) who had been listening to the entire conversation via my cell phone, told me that based on what she had heard, she had already started the process to have the FIOS service line replaced.  She went on to say that the earliest possible time for a tech to come to my home was between noon and 8 pm the following Tuesday.  I explained to Dawn that the time frame she offered was unacceptable, at which point we negotiated a more acceptable appointment time, Sunday August 5, 2012, between 8am and 10am.  Dawn further advised me that because it was scheduled for a Sunday that if I hadn’t heard from a tech by noon to make sure I call the problem in again citing the ticket number she had provided.  Dawn and I said our goodbyes, and wished each other a nice weekend.

Being the clock watcher I am, I got up Sunday morning fully expecting to call my service provider to start the process again, but at 8:01 am, my provider called and stated he would be here in 20 minutes.  At 8:22am I watched him pull into my driveway.  The tech (never got his name) did some lookin and testin, and confirmed that the line was cut (the end of the cable sticking from the ground was a major clue), and needed to be replaced.  He told me he  didn’t do replace,! only fix and installation. But he would call it in and have a subcontractor come out and put in a new line.  Once the new fiber line had been installed, he would return to complete the installation.  As he got into the truck (at 8:30 am) he said he would call.  Standing there in the driveway my 1st thought was oh s@$^&! I won’t see him again until Monday.  In my mind the fiber line install crew had until noon to arrive and commence work before I started calling again.  But much to my amazement the crew arrived at 11:01am and commenced work right away. With much to do about nothing, they had completed their task at 11:45am.  As they were preparing to depart the “supervising tech” advised me that he had already called the ”fiber tech” and that the tech would be there in 15 to 20 minutes.

Much to my surprise again, the “fiber tech” shows up 20 minutes after the departure of the install guys left.  He went straight to work, with very minimal chit chat, and 35 minutes later he has accepted a bottle of water as we stood in my home testing my services.  His final words “well that will about do it! have a great day and thanks for being a V……. customer.”  The service call was complete and the ticket closed.


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2 responses to “The Service Call ……

  1. Wanda

    August 7, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    So…22 hours after you lost service, you were back on line. Not too bad considering you were dealing with competing companies. I’m guessing you and S. watched lots of videos in the interim!

    On another note (and from one geek to another), how sad is it that we’ve become so dependent on electronic toys and their associated connectivity?

  2. flaham

    August 7, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    Wanda, we played with the WII and read, and decided that we needed a time without technology on a regular basis to take care of all the other mundane tasks we have around the house. So it wasn’t a bad 22 hours. Have a great day! Bill


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