How I feel today 9/11/12…..

11 Sep

First it is important to say I feel sad, today is 9/11, a day that each of us remembers in our own way, a day that touches us each differently and yet the same.

My days of feeling at least 3 continue, being honest I don’t believe I have dropped below 3.0 in almost 3 weeks, there have been a couple of days real close, and especially some evening that were very very close to being less than 3.0 but I don’t do my ranking at night, I rank the day when I put fingers to keyboard.

Yesterday was my 1st complete workout (Pulmonary PT) since my elbow infection.  I intentionally surpassed each phase of the workout.  I either did extra minutes on that particular machine or, I added to the resistance of that particular machine.  The exercise that really kicked my butt yesterday was the friggin staircase, up and down, up and down, for 5 minutes, doesn’t seem like much but it was, my O2 level at the end of this exercise was 79 pct on 3 liters, my heart rate was 138.  The nurses insist that on my next visit I must cut back on this.  Otherwise the other 6 exercises I do during a session were within acceptable tolerances.  I felt very good about the PT session and look forward to tomorrow’s.

Also yesterday I had my annual breathing test, LMAO of course I failed, if I didn’t fail I wouldn’t have anything to write about.  All kidding aside, my lung capacity and function is down from last year, but only by 3 pct.  My doctor is amazed that I only had such a small drop off. For those keeping score, my lungs now work at 45 percent of normal.  That does explain why I do stop and gasp sometimes.  During the walking test (no oxygen supplement)  my O2 level dropped to 84 pct after 200 feet, but I recovered quickly back to 94 pct within minutes of sitting down and getting the supplemental oxygen.   The test was done at 2.5 liters, it was suggested that I up the supplement to 3 liters when I know I am going to do stressful stuff.

Have a great day, and comment if you like.

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