How I Feel Today 9/19/12….

19 Sep

I haven’t posted a “How I Feel Today” since the 11th of September.  At that point I had been running 3.0 to 3.5 for days in a row, which is very good for me.  Since the 11th, I have come down with a bug of some sort. It started over the weekend, (yes it is a respiratory issue) and continues. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were quite difficult, I didn’t reach down to a level 2, I kind of hovered between 2.25 and 2.75. It was the constant coughing, the runny nose, the tiny chills, and just not being able to get comfortable.  But as of this writing I am starting to win this round. I saw my Pulmonary doctor on Monday, and he started me immediately on an antibiotic, I will give him credit for getting me back on track. So the meds are kicking in and I do feel better.  All of this to say I am having a 3 kind of day.  Over the weekend I had a couple of 2.25 to 2.75 days, which broke my streak of good days.  It was kind of sad like when a factory has to change the sign (X Amount of Days Without an Accident) back to one.

Some folks may wonder what kind of scale I am using to measure how I feel. Well I will say it is not a music scale or weigh scale, or a food scale, not even the scales from a fish.  Below is how I define how I feel.

  1. Like CRAP on a Stick – tons of phlegm (yellow) – Most likely in Hospital, and not writing blog
  2. Like CRAP — If I don’t get to feeling better I will end up in Hospital, doing chores makes me gasp constantly, stands over sink coughing (phlegm a touch of yellow) heart out, depending on the day may or may not get all chores done
  3. Good, and the many shades of it.  Can do all my chores and SLJ’s, am alert, don’t have gasp after doing most things, cough is light to moderate, energy is up, not an issue walking to mailbox and back without oxygen
  4. Very little to no coughing at all, managed to do all chores and have energy left over, actually thought about going to the golf course, not once did anyone say I looked like crap today.
  5. No coughing or wheezing, energy level quite high, actually go to golf course and play (or at least watch).  I will not reach this level but everyday this is the goal.

I hope this kinda helps out folks that may have been wondering.

Take care, have a great day, and as always your comments are welcome.

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One response to “How I Feel Today 9/19/12….

  1. Wanda

    September 22, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    We will have to talk–I hope the antibiotics, etc., are doing their job and that you will soon be back on track.


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