How I Feel Today 9/29/12

29 Sep

The last time I posted a “How I Feel Today” was the 19th.  Yet to me it only seems like yesterday.  Since my last post my days have been 3 or solid 3’s but not to the 3.5 level.  The bug I got has run its’ course, though I am still suffering from a stuffy nose, and an occasional cough.  The cough hasn’t been terrible or long just a bit annoying.  I did complete all 3 PT sessions this week. I am still in the ramping up the intensity of the workouts and have found the pursed-lip breathing does help especially when I am doing the PT’s.  I have now completed 11 of the 36 sessions.  Of the exercises I do, I find the treadmill the most enjoyable. I fire up the IPod, grab the handrails, such my eyes, and start walking.  Rarely do I look at the timer or the distance gauge.  I count by song, meaning I tell myself to just get thru this song, and once I make it, oh lets’ get thru this song.  It being my IPOD, all of the songs are my songs my favorites.  There are no bad songs to quit on.  Anyway the next thing I know I have gone 10 or so minutes. Next week the goal is 15 minutes on the treadmill.   The least favorite exercise is the stair stepper, god do I hate that, no matter how great my tunes are my mind wants to quite after the 1st climb.  Even the shortest of tunes seems to go on forever.  I am only doing 4.5 minutes on the stairs, next week I am going to get it up to 5.5 even if it kills me LOL LOL.  But the key has been having my IPod to distract me, and it has helped a great deal.

One of the 1st sessions the purse-lip breathing method was stressed.  It is a simple process, but like any new skill or action, it is a learned habit.  I have really worked on this method, especially when I exercise, or am stressed by any other physical activity.  And it seems to have paid off.  If out of breath or breathing real hard, this method seems to allow me to gain control and gather my breath back.  And more and more it is becoming 2nd nature.

The weather seems to finally beginning to change to fall here in Florida.  It doesn’t mean it’s going to get colder or even cooler, but the humidity is dropping a bit making it easier to be outside.  Or it might just be our indian fall LOL LOL, and the summer heat and humidity will return next week.

That’s enough info for today’s post.  Take care, be safe.  Bill


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2 responses to “How I Feel Today 9/29/12

  1. Wanda

    October 7, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Bill, is your iPod set to shuffle or does it play songs in the same order each time? I’m guessing the latter–that would add a little bit of interest to the whole thing. BTW, i’m willing to share my polka CDs with you if you like. Of course, knowing you, you might set off at a full out run just to get away from the sound!

    • FlaHam

      October 10, 2012 at 12:08 pm

      Wanda, Yes my IPOD is set to shuffle, but I will be honest, it freaks me out sometimes when I am listening to Maryln Manson one moment and then John Pinette the next. LOL LOL. My brain doesn’t transition fast enough sometimes for all the various tunes I have. I really really appreciate you offering to share your Polka CDs with me, but I am so so sorry to say my IPOD does not quite have enough room to accomodate them. I will keep you offer in mind though. Smiling, Take care, Bill


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