How I Feel Today 11.09.12 ….

09 Nov

Folks I am feeling slightly better than a 3.0 but not quite 3.5.  It has been a while since the last time I truly felt better than a 3.0.  Not sure exactly why, maybe it’s mental, and part physical or a lot physical and a little mental.  I can say that involving less brain does make me feel better LOL LOL.  Recent blood tests for diabetes’s all have been negative.  I suspect that because of my weight, the prednisone, and a couple of signs it all ends up equaling diabetes, but after 2 blood tests specifically to determine if there is diabetes, I come up negative, so there Doc LOL LOL.   That’s not to say the potential isn’t there, it clearly is, with Mom and two siblings having type 2.  So we will continue to monitor that aspect of my life.  The habitual coughing continues to focus in the early evening and when I lay down.  And I still have the forever stuffy nose.  I suspect that I will take that nose to the grave with me.  The only thing that really works is Afrin, which I know I am not supposed to use, and I know the rebound effect.  But I figure as long as my heart is holding out I am okay.

I also had an overall blood workup recently, fasting of course, have I said I hate fasting, if you missed that, well, let me just say I hate fasting.  Anyway I fasted and had the blood drawn on Monday.  The results are in, and I have great blood.  I passed with flying colors every test they were checking.  My cholesterol was outstanding across the board, the good was great, the bad was very good too.  No issues there, so I am clear for another year. So if you need a pint of high-test blood, I am your man. Next goal is to keep the lungs functioning at their current level.  As we know that is not something those of us with COPD cannot improve, but the goal is to not lose any additional ground.

PT’s are moving along just fine, today was number 25 of 36.  I am pushing myself, and feel I can push a little harder.  Currently I do 25 minutes on the treadmill at 2.2 mph.  I will certainly be up to 30 minutes and 2.5 mph before the PT’s are complete.  I do 10 minutes on the hand crank pushing out 25 watts, (I would be a godsent to a Ham radio operator), and finally the Nu-step, 8 to 10 minutes minimum of 670 steps. Then to the weight cycle, 12 stations, at least 2 reps of 20 per station, with either 40 or 50 lbs.  The legs are very strong and I think I can up that to 60 or more next week.  Upper body is still weak, but I am working on it. Today’s BP was 106/70 before I started my exercise program, heart rate 99, and O2 level being 96 on 3 liters.  Upon completion of the exercise program my numbers were BP 106/60, heart rate 96, and O2 level 94.

Folks, have a great day. If your storm affected I wish you safety and be well.  If you’re not storm affected, I wish you safety and be well, as well.  Take care, comment if you want. — Bill


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4 responses to “How I Feel Today 11.09.12 ….

  1. DeeDee Granata

    November 10, 2012 at 8:20 am

    This sounds wonderful! Yay for you. You inspire me to keep exercising.

    • FlaHam

      November 10, 2012 at 11:10 am

      Dee, It would appear we feed off of each other. What your going thru and how you and your husband deal with it inspire me. If my continued efforts helps you, that makes me quite happy. Please take care, Bill

  2. drinkcoffee (Paula)

    November 11, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    Bill you just amaze me and your determination to go for life. You are such a strong person I with I could have more get up and go like you. I have got to get the cob-webs off my little leg bike.

    God bless you my friend

    • FlaHam

      November 12, 2012 at 6:05 am

      Paula, I don’t know how strong I am, but your words of encouragement continue to help me as I go thru whatever process this is. If you need me to stand there and threaten to spank you if you don’t get on your leg bike I will LOL LOL. It really is about whatever encouragement it takes to help us do these things. I read your sweet words, and know I must go to the next PT session, and I must do the best I can, because I don’t want to disappoint you or any of the wonderful people that support my efforts. Take Care, and have a great day — Bill


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