Taking part in raising of our Daughter…. Part 3

24 Nov

On Wednesday we had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with our daughter and her family. Allison took some time to review part 2 and gave her okay dokie, more than once she gave me an amused look knowing that part 2 contained no information she could confirm or deny.  So I have not completed 2 parts without a single editorial comment from my sweet daughter.  I suspect that as I get into anecdotes she maybe more likely to take out her red teacher pen, we will see as the stories progress.

Dad and Daughter chilling LOL

I am going to try my best to keep these stories in their proper sequence, but if I screw it up, trust me I will not share that information.  Writing one story may in fact bring memories back of other stories that I would want to share.  But depending where I am in the process, I may write that other story to keep it in order.  Also as much as I am writing these for your enjoyment, these are really for my granddaughter.

A short story about Allison and the Roll-a-bout.

Allison’s roll-a-bout

Allison is (was) quick and she was fast, as a young person in middle and high school and even into college she took part in many team sports, basketball, field hockey and her favorite lacrosse (at college level). These sports required speed and quickness to be successful, and Allison was quite successful. But speed and quickness are not family traits, when I took part in sports in high school and the navy, you could time me with a reliable sundial. I truly believe this burst of quickness that Allison displayed in her athletic efforts, came from the earliest moments in Allison’s learning to walk.  Our 1st home was a 3 level townhouse which you entered into a long hallway leading to the living room/dining room.  The hallway (approximately 20 feet) had a smooth level vinyl floor with a transition piece as you entered the living room.  This floor also extended into our eat-in kitchen.  Let’s look at this picture, a smooth level surface and a kid in a contraption that has wheels, what possibly happen?? LOL LOL.  Well I am going to tell you.

The 1sttime Allison was placed in the roll-a-bout (it also has a bouncy seat) she just bounced up and down, giggling like only babies can.  Arms in the air   flailing about, toes curled as she propelled herself up and down.  She was in heaven.  This activity would occupy her for hours.  In the living room/dining room area on the carpet, she would cackle and bounce, with her toes curled into the carpet she didn’t move an inch in any direction.  She would also occupy herself bouncing in the kitchen on the vinyl floor.  To her great surprise and glee, she found that her bouncing made the roll-a-bout move.  With this discovery she was off to the races.  At this point in her life she was barely crawling, and hadn’t even come close to taking her first step, but she found speed in the roll-a-bout.  She would propel herself down the hallway, stopping only when she hit the transition, then she would bump up against whatever hard surface she could find to change her direction, if that didn’t would she would announce her displeasure, and once situated, she was off again, racing back and forth thru the hallway.  Sometimes she would hit the transition at such a pace that the roll-a-bout would topple, the resulting fall would sometimes get her laughing uncontrollable, and other times, she would seem in such distress.  But once on her feet again and on the vinyl floor she was racing, those little chubby legs going at the speed of sound.  You hear her from anyplace in the house as her little feet slapped the floor as her sped down the hallway, of course the bumping off the walls.  Rarely were her travels in a straight line, Allison took such great pleasure bumping into things (I should have remembered this, years later when I was teaching her to drive).

Allison’s Raceway Hall

It wasn’t much longer before Allison was crawling, and she crawled and crawled and crawled, then she crawled some more.  And walking came quickly for Allison, as did falling down.  I have a specific crawling story that I will be sharing next, along with 1st steps story.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. As always your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Again thanks – Bill

This Document has been Daughter approved.


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4 responses to “Taking part in raising of our Daughter…. Part 3

  1. magentmama

    November 24, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    You reminded me of the time when my daughter was in the rolabout, going all over the house. She’s in her 20s now. Raising children is a lot of fun but also complicated. Greetings from Sicily!

    • FlaHam

      November 24, 2012 at 2:43 pm

      Magentmama, Greeting from Tampa Florida. Thank you for you wonderful comments. It was a real joy raising Allison and now it’s fun playing with my granddaughter. Smiling they don’t make toys like the roll-a-bout anymore and I can almost understand why. Have a great day, and again thanks for your comments. Bill

  2. drinkcoffee (Paula)

    November 29, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    What beautiful photos and what a beautiful little girl. I know my son was all over the house in his.

    God bless

    • FlaHam

      November 29, 2012 at 10:28 pm

      Paula, Allison was a screaming demon in hers. She would just giggle and cackle as she rolled up and down the hall. Take care, Bill


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