How I Feel Today 11.30.12

30 Nov

There seems to be no end to the days where I feel 3.0, though over the last couple of days I barely got to the 3.0 level.  I have been having wave after wave of coughing, some chills, and other symptoms of a cold, but nothing is developing, Thank God.  Also, it does seem to calm down at bedtime.  My temperature has been steady 98.6 within a tenth or two.  BP has been great 100/60 pulse for me a little low today at 84, (normally in low 90s) and oxygen level at 97.  So all the numbers are good, it’s just I seem so damn lethargic.

On Tuesday of this week I had my monthly IVIG treatment.  I arrived at the infusion center at the appointed time of 830am, but prep didn’t start until almost 10am.  A couple of reasons for this were the center cannot start any patient until a doctor is on site, and the Doctor was running real late.  That coupled with fact there were a dozen of us that had been schedule for Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of last week had been rescheduled for that Tuesday.  All of this made for a backup at the needle landing spot.  So what is normally a 5 hour process turned into a 7 ½ hour process.  Having said that I really feel lucky, I have my treatment once a month, many of these others have it daily or weekly. Granted they aren’t there for 7 plus hours, but I would rather give up one day a month to this that an hour or so every day.

I am down to my final 5 PT’s sessions and I truly believe they have helped in a significant way. I will admit that I slacked off today, my left shoulder has been sore so I didn’t do any major upper body today, and the lethargic feeling I had mentioned earlier really just impacted the entire workout.  Mentally I just wasn’t into it today.  Hopefully after a restful weekend I will finish my last 5 sessions strongly.

As always your comments are welcomed.


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3 responses to “How I Feel Today 11.30.12

  1. Sary Valenzuela

    November 30, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Seems like you need a break 🙂 All of us do once in a while.

    • FlaHam

      November 30, 2012 at 11:45 am

      Sary, Thank you for taking a moment to stop and read my current post. I do appreciate your comments, and I do believe you are correct. I could use a break. I have PTs 3 times a week, and while I don’t think that is excessive, it can bare down on you. Again thank you for stopping by. Take care, Bill

  2. jmgoyder

    November 30, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    I so admire your determination Bill.


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