How I Feel Today 02.23.13….

23 Feb

On Monday I reported that a lot had transpired since my last report.  This week very little has transpired.  My recovery continues at what can only be described as a very slow snails pace.  If I recovered any slower my movement would be backward LOL LOL.

I realize that I might have overly high expectations, and I understand I was quite ill.  But I have history with pneumonia.  During the last 3 years I have been hospitalized 6 times with pneumonia.  Three years ago the pneumonia related hospital stay was 5 days.  Six months ago it was 9 days, and this time 21 days.  Three years ago, I was playing golf and bowling a week after the completion of drug therapy.  Eighteen months ago was the 1st time I left the hospital with a pic line, but I was still playing golf and bowling after 2 ½ weeks.  This is a long way to go to get to a point, but then I usually take the long road.  But in none of my prior 5 visits to the hospital was shortness of breath a real issue after I got out of the hospital.

In the discussion group that I dearly love, many of the members complain of having shortness of breath (SOB), it is never something that is taken lightly.  And while I didn’t overly suffer from SOB I have had it for a long time.  But these last 2 weeks have brought it into focus.  I have never suffered like this, where I get SOB walking from one room to another or where I get SOB carrying a bag of garbage out to the garage.  Now I even get SOB just sitting on my fat ass watching TV or reading.  I have spoken to both my lung and infectious disease doctors and both have assured me it is part of the healing process.  X-rays show the heart normal.  I have been told that after I completely (or as completely as I can) recover from this bout of pneumonia I will continue to have a level of SOB.  Well SHIT, is all I can say to that.  During my visit with the infectious disease doctor this week, I was taken off the TOBI, but 10 more days of Cipro were added.  I follow-up again this coming week and there maybe further adjustments to my medicine.

So having laid the ground work, I am feeling at the 2.0 to 2.25 level at best for the past week.  I haven’t any particularly good days and I haven’t had what I would say was a terrible day.  Morning are by far the best part of the day for me, my energy is at its’ highest and I am less likely to experience real bad SOB.  As the day progresses, and as my energy level diminishes, the bad things amp up.  The SOB increases and my desire to do squat increases.   By evening my ass is dragging and I am ready to go to bed by 9 (2 plus hours early for me) though going to bed at 9 doesn’t mean going to sleep in means just relaxing before sleep and reading.

I have wasted enough space on what ails me.  Let me devote a minute to the good things.  My alertness is improving daily, my ability to read and actually remember what I have read is increasing, and my ability to converse without sounding like a dufus is getting better and better.  The fact that I can sit at 8pm and actually write this is another sign that my health is improving, so for all the crap with SOB, I am coming around on the other important aspects of getting better.  These are all positive signs, and its’ signs like this that allow me to maintain a positive attitude.

As always thanks for listening, and as always your comments welcomed are encouraged – take care, Bill



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5 responses to “How I Feel Today 02.23.13….

  1. jmgoyder

    February 23, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    I get asthma – occasionally very badly (hospital etc.) so I really empathize. SOB is a SOB. I really hope you feel a lot better soon, Bill. Julie

  2. Pat Fraser

    February 24, 2013 at 7:54 am

    Good to read that little by little u r on the mend. I have had the SOB u describe for about 2 yrs now.
    I get so frustrated that I think I make it worse. I keep telling myself it will improve as I exercise more, still waiting in that regard . Like you mornings are best and then quiet time. Lol
    Keep getting stronger look forward to basketball in March.

    • FlaHam

      February 24, 2013 at 6:36 pm

      Pat, Come March (at least beginning in the middle) I will become a certified couch potato. My fat ass will be watching basketball about 24/7. Thank you for your comments about the SOB. While I have had it for years, nothing in the past compares to what I am suffering now. But I found encouragement in your words, and a little encouragement goes a long way. Thank you. Take care, Bill

  3. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

    February 24, 2013 at 10:30 am

    I clicked a big resounding “like” for all the positive points you mentioned and here’s to them continuing while the others take a back seat. Hugs to you. Paulette

  4. Wanda

    February 25, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    I have nothing to offer except a (sincere) wish that tomorrow is better than today…it does sound like you are headed in the right direction but that it’s going to take longer to get there than you like.


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