Untitled for a Reason….

28 Aug

It has been a pretty good week for me, no real special reasons just a good week.  And heck, it’s only Wednesday.  Is my last post I have been bouncing things around in my head as to what I wanted to write about next.  I have a post that is about 60 pct completed in my brain where I talk about stock car racing and my love for it.  I have another post written in my head about music I love, which was caused because a friend shared a music video with me, which I in turn shared with some of you.  I have yet another working story purely based on a telephone conversation I had with Cari.  Then there is the leftover aspect of my recent post about the college kids visiting on weekends, where I am going to drop a dime on Allison and her wonderful roommates for being the slobs they were (at least during their college days).  I have also considered writing a post about some of my military time, about what a 6 or 8 month long cruise was like in the early 70’s for an enlisted man, mainly me LOL.  From the darker reaches of my mind I want to share how it is to never really feel good, how my disease has robbed me of that simple pleasure (but I am not in the mood to write that), so you are being spared for the time being.  I also have in the works (mentally incomplete) posts regarding my childhood and my brothers and sister.  Of course I have thoughts about posts where the thought doesn’t even exist yet.  Strange how my mind works sometimes, isn’t it.

I thought about a post where I wrote a sentence or two about one subject, then would write a sentence about a different subject, then jump back to the original thought for a paragraph, only to switch again to a third subject. But even trying to explain the concept is too hard.  So I will spare you all that.  And while I have been rambling along I have decided to write today about my daughter’s dorm room.  By the way this has not been cleared by my Daughter, she would almost deny she was ever a slob, and that would be her right, even though she was wrong.

I LOVE my daughter; I love her with all of my heart.  But that doesn’t change the fact that she was a slob back in the day.  Note to Cari, I don’t care what your mom tells you, she was a slob when she was your age.  Just a few examples of her slobness, she would hide (or dispose of) the cokes she drank by putting the empty can under her bed, or the couch, or wherever she was at the moment she was done with it.  It wouldn‘t matter if there was a trash can 8 feet away, under the couch it went.  Sometimes dirty cloths ended up on the floor of the closet rather than the laundry hamper.  None of this really changed even when she went off to college.  Sidebar note: being a slob seems to be a generational thing, already Cari (my granddaughter) seems to be showing signs of neatness.  I don’t know if it is a show she puts on for grandpa, but so far so good.

Which brings me to the post for today; my daughter lied on her college application when she claimed to be neat.  But she was extremely lucky.  In my post last week I talked about the 2 fine young women that became her best friends in life, by 1st being dorm room mates.  During that post I said something along the lines that college rooming offices must have a BS detector went it comes to evaluating housing applications.  How the three of them ended up together is one of God’s little miracles.  They truly have complimented each other.  And they truly suited each other and lived well together.  And they all must have told the same lies on their applications.

They shared a room slightly larger than what 2 students would share.  And they shared a bathroom with another room (so 5 girls sharing one bathroom, I am sure there is a story there, but thank GOD I don’t know it).  The neatest that room was the entire time they shared it was the day before any of the three of them moved in.  PLEASE understand I don’t have a neatness fetish, I am not a germaphobic, but I was in the navy for 9 years, and the military requires a high level of personal neatness.  You have very limited space, and you had a ton of crap you had to neatly place in this limited space.  The work spaces were treated the same way.  It was a way of life, that even after 35 plus years I am still relatively neat and orderly, I fold my underwear as taught by the Navy, my shirts and pants hang in the same direction, one might suspect I am anal about something’s LOL

The girls were lucky in that their room was on the 2nd floor, and there was no elevator in the building.  At the time this was going on I was about to have my 1st of 2 knee replacement surgeries, and I didn’t climb stairs unnecessarily.  Steph and I help her get into the room; we meet her roommates and their parents, and bid the kids good luck.  Over the school year Steph and I would drive down and visit, take Allison and her roommates (whoever was there) out to dinner, and then go home.  After the 1st couple such visits, I mentioned that the room could be picked up a bit.  Sometimes at dinner I may have made more of it that was appropriate.  Who knows? But the place looked like a pig pin, well that’s not really fair to the pigs.  The dorm room just wasn’t the neat and orderly environment I was used to.   The girls took me real seriously, and my gripping about their room became a standing joke.  They were laughing and I wasn’t.  But it was easily resolved, I just waited in the dorm lobby for them to come down, that way I didn’t need to see the mess, and because of the ongoing issues with my knees I wasn’t expected to climb the stairs to visit their room.

But from time to time, I would suck it up, and do the manly thing and climb those damn stairs.  On one such occasion I found that the girls had made a major concession to me and my need for neatness and order.  They had collectively gotten together and created a clean space for me.  In the middle of their dorm room, they and taped off a 2 ft. by 2 ft. square, and marked it “Mr. Hamilton’s Spot.” There in the middle of all the normal dorm room chaos, the shell shocked residue of a 3rd world country, was my spot, clean rug and all, I believe the girls signed their names to the masking tape they used to mark this spot.  Of course there wasn’t enough room for a chair, but it was still my spot, in an otherwise cluttered world.  Through the remainder of the time these three lovely young women shared a room, there was always a clean spot for me.  Yes they would laugh and giggle about it; they would tease me into visiting the room just so I could stand in my spot and view the carnage.  I believe one time Steph stopped me at the door so my spot could be cleaned before I came in the room.   So here ends the tale of my story about neatness in a college dorm room.

I hope you enjoyed the journey.

As always if you have comments, suggestions, or concerns please feel free to contact me.  Take care, Bill


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11 responses to “Untitled for a Reason….

  1. Chatter Master

    August 28, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    “Mr. Hamilton’s Spot”. CLASSIC! 🙂 I wonder how much time it took them to trash their other wise always tidy room to such disorder just so they could continue making that spot and enjoying your visits? 😉

    • FlaHam

      August 28, 2013 at 2:23 pm

      Colleen, You have got to be kidding LMFAO ! ! ! ! That place wasn’t clean except for 2 days a year, the day checked in, and the day they checked out LOL LOL. Chrissi and Casey are two of the finest young women I have been fortunate to call friend. But don’t you even think for a second, that room was ever anywhere near neat. Maybe neat in their minds but I will always call it a mess, I love them like they were my own daughters, and they have visited my wife and I here in Fl. But back then they were teenagers, revolting against the suppression of their parents, and the messy room was an easy objective for them to reach. LOL LOL, but I still loved them. Take care, Bill

      • Chatter Master

        August 28, 2013 at 5:19 pm

        🙂 Oh Bill, you AND those girls make me laugh!

        • FlaHam

          August 28, 2013 at 7:35 pm

          Colleen, The truth is I wouldn’t change a second, they are so sweet even as adults. And they gave me so much joy and a small ton of stories. Take care, Bill

          • Chatter Master

            August 29, 2013 at 5:52 am

            🙂 I have a feeling they are quite fond of “MR. Hamilton” and HIS antics as well. 🙂

  2. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

    August 28, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    You crack me up, Bill! I love the line where you wrote a sentence or two on one subject then another sentence or two on another subject. Sounds like the inside of my head, lol. And, you with the girls made me laugh, pig pen, lol… Great post, friend. Cheers, Paulette

    • FlaHam

      August 28, 2013 at 9:46 pm

      Paulette, Sometimes I can write a 1500 word post in a couple hours, other times it takes me a couple days or even a week to figure out what I want to write. And as I write those one liners just slip in, and I look and go that was pretty cool, they just fall out of my head and land on the keyboard. When I started this blog I never knew how much fun I was going to have. I never realized how many stories I had to tell on myself. I thought because I was sick, that I would spend hours bemoaning that. Yes sometimes I do, and I will from time to time still write about this dreaded disease. But the disease is no longer the driving factor in my writing. The girls crack me up, and I love them to pieces. And I am glad I got to share these stories about them. Please take care, Bill

  3. gita4elamats

    August 28, 2013 at 10:06 pm


  4. Wanda

    September 3, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    Your story proves that a good sense of humor is a better-than-average solution to many of life’s problems–and Allison is fortunate that both her parents have individual, yet complementary senses of humor.

    So, another blog idea…did Allison ever pull an April Fool’s or other type joke on you? How did that go?

    Finally, reading the comments above, it warms my heart (big time!) that you enjoy this blogging adventure–I and so many others are fortunate for everything you share here. AND, I wonder if the things falling out your head and landing on the keyboard are the cause of the occasional misspellings, etc., that occur–it sounds like a good excuse to me!

    • FlaHam

      September 4, 2013 at 10:10 am

      Wanda, A good sense of humor can and does get one thru many of the adversities faced in life. It’s true that one’s humor may not always be the proper thing in all circumstances, but more often than not it is a much better solution to life’s issues. Even today Allison’s sense of humor continues, and more importantly she is getting her timing down LOL LOL. To my knowledge Allison has never really “gotten” me. At least I don’t remember it. But again, if Allison were her, she would roll her eyes and go ah dad don’t you remember the time, blab blab blab. Wanda, I really need to thank you! Steph pushed me towards it, but you really got me started. Your help and encouragement were key in me even writing my first post. And now like so many other times I can’t keep my mouth shut or my fingers off the keyboard. I write because I have found it to be good medicine, and I enjoy it. I am truly blessed that some folks have actually found my blog, and seem to enjoy me telling stories on myself. As for the total lack of any editing skills, I will accept and use any excuse that is offered to me. Heck I will used multiple excuses if necessary. The worst thing about it, is that I do read and reread then reread, and finally used the assist button at wordpress before I hit the send butt. I truly suck at editing. Take care, Bill


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