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Hello, my name is Allison Poindexter, and Bill Hamilton was my dad.  I’m writing this to share that on Wednesday, September 3, my dad Bill Hamilton lost his battle with COPD.  

On Monday, after celebrating Labor Day weekend with my family and Mom, Dad started feeling poorly.  They contacted Hospice, who came to the house within hours and provided medications.  When he didn’t feel better by Tuesday, it was determined that the best course of action would be to take him to the hospice center.  I spoke with him Tuesday evening–I was confused and scared because the hospice hadn’t started an IV antibiotic treatment–and ended the conversation with the customary “I love you, Dad.”  On Wednesday morning, my mom and Dad’s friend Art had the chance to visit him at the hospice center, but by the afternoon, Dad was declining.  The nurses provided him with medicine to make him comfortable and allowed him to fall asleep.

At about 1:45, he died peacefully in his sleep with my mom by his side.  

My mom and I are so grateful for the care my Dad received through hospice.  After speaking with my dad on Tuesday, I told my husband that my greatest fear was that Dad would suffer, gasping for his last breaths.  But in the end, despite all of the warning we had that his end was near, Dad’s retirement was sudden and painless.  

I’ve been so grateful for this blog and this community for providing my dad with an outlet as he prepared for this inevitability.  In the past two years, he composed 302 posts, received nearly 17,000 views, and earned over 4,000 comments.  My dad would never profess to being a writer, but this blog is longer than most novels.  I’m so proud of him and this work, not because it is perfectly and eloquently composed, but because he helped people with his positivity and his humor.  On a personal level, I’m glad that he took this time to tell his stories, stories of growing up in Louisville, stories of parenting me, stories of the illness that took his life.  I’m so thankful that my daughter will have the chance to know her grandpa like I know him.  

I have taken over administrator responsibilities for this blog, so feel free to comment away.  Thank you for reading.


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